Hi! I’m Pia. I live in beautiful (albeit terribly rainy) Victoria, B.C., on the west coast of Canada, in a barn-shaped house with my husband Mark, our dog Luka, and an oddly large assortment of hot water bottles.

I started this blog mainly as a way to document the process of planning for and opening my business. For lack of a more articulate way to say it, I love making things. Often these things are purposeless and just a way to keep my hands busy while watching TV or something (I went through a phase where I folded hundreds of paper cranes, and not for a legit reason like Sadako had — I just found it soothing). Lately, however, I’ve been thinking more and more about the desire to handmake items that last a lifetime. The thing is, I come by all this crafting pretty honestly. My grandmother (who is 87 and lives in India) is an amazing seamstress and embroiderer. Growing up, I wore dresses (and, er, jumpsuits) she’d made without a second thought to how much work and time and love she’d put into them; it’s only now that I can fully appreciate the care she takes when she makes something. On an unrelated note, I can also fully appreciate how ridiculous the early ’90s were:

I had to wear that for my grade 3 school photos. Yikes.

What I really want this blog to be is a place where I can write about this terrifying process of turning my dreams into a reality. I want to be honest and forthright about the successes AND the failures — maybe even more honest about the failures. I also want to be able to write about the things that interest me on a daily basis: crafty inspiration, books, food, media. I don’t know what this will end up looking like, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Join me?

P.S. Unless you’re a crazy robot spammer, I would love to hear from you! You can email me at pia (at) pialouise (dot) com.