Arrested Development Embroidery Pattern


I use Arrested Development as a sort of litmus test for people’s compatibility with me, which makes me sound like an asshole. Which, obviously, I am.

But seriously, this show is one of things I love so much and so ardently that it is beyond my comprehension that other people might not. It is pure perfection, and I am both excited beyond words and petrified for the new season, out on Netflix this May. What if it’s terrible? What if these characters I adore are unrecognizable and/or boring to me now? What if it’s super racist like Sex and the City 2? Will it mar the brilliance of the original series for me? These are first world problems, but damnit, they’re my first world problems.

Er…I digress. Here is something I stitched up just for me while on the road, and now have the pleasure with sharing with the world. This will make absolutely no sense to you if you don’t know and love and frequently become confused by Tobias Fünke, but if that’s the case, what are you waiting for? You have five weeks to catch up!