Unscathed Fingers & Jaunty Dogs

At long last, I’ve added some new products to my Etsy store! First up are jar sweaters, perfect for the hipster tea-or-coffee-drinker in your life, or even just yourself if you want to have a portable drink but not burn your hands. There are three different kinds, all tthe same price but minor variations in fabric and style. They are all customizable so no one can steal your drink (unless they have the same initials as you and are super cocky). They come in a mix of linen and cotton fabric (your choice of fabric for two of the options) and I’m really happy with how they turned out. I made about twenty of them as prototypes and every time I sewed a new one there were tiny little adjustments made to improve on them.





I’ve also added some personalized dog bandanas (have yet to think of a clever name, any suggestions?). As you can see, Luka is super into them:


Or wait, maybe not:


Silly dog. These come in two different sizes, just depending on how big your dog is and how thick their collar is. Again, there’s a choice of fabrics and also stamp fonts, and they are a linen/cotton combination as well.


I have many, many, MANY new product ideas up my sleeve for 2014, and want to get as many as I can into the shop before baby makes her appearance. Self-promotion is very hard for me and makes me super uncomfortable, but I also need to be able to afford economy-sized jars of Nutella, so I’m sucking it up and putting it out there. In a not-filthy way. Please go check out my store and feel free to comment/email with any suggestions or questions!